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Alba-Tech provides the technical skills to repair your walk-in cooler or freezer quickly and cost effectively. 


We service:

  • Walk In Coolers with Self-Contained Refrigeration

  • Walk-In Coolers with Remote Refrigeration

  • Walk-In Freezers

  • Coolers for Convenience Stores

  • Coolers for Warehouses

  • Coolers for Restaurants and Bars

  • Coolers for Grocery Store

  • Coolers for Breweries


Whether it is a failed fan motor, to a failed compressor, to even a loose screw, we are there to help make sure your cooler is up and running so that you don't have to worry.

Alba-Tech also offer parts for your walk-in cooler, ranging, but not limited too, Door handles, hinges, closets, gaskets, shelving and much more! Ask for a part today!

Walk-In Coolers

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